Last-Minute Gift Guide for Everyone in Your Barkada

It’s the most festive time of the year: The season for Christmas parties, Secret Santas, and much-awaited reunions. Although, even with excitement in the air, it feels as if there’s never enough time to run all our shopping errands. Through the gift of giving, we let our friends and loved ones know how much we truly care about them and their well-being. Gifts, whether big or small, are special because of the thought and the heart put into it. And fortunately, visiting The Great Northwest’s #awarenessspace or getting some work done in Café Pura’s go-to #coffice means you can take home tokens and gifts for friends for the holidays, at the last-minute!


And Again Clothing: “Malikhain” hand-macrame bag


In the world of fast fashion, every now and then, time reveals a true designer who converges fashion and environmental sustainability. We especially take a liking to the stylish And Again Clothing “Malikhain” hand-macrame bag with a round handle. Not only it is locally-made, its material comes from genuine Abaca fiber, which proves to be handy and durable. You can also check out their line of presko clothing of polos and kimonos made from sacks of flour.


BAYBAYIN: Sinaunang Sulat Pilipino (Ancient Filipino Script)

Living in the midst of technology, the Internet, and social media, gone are the days we enjoy the sensory experience of what a pen and a piece of paper can give us. BAYBAYIN: Sinaunang Sulat Pilipino (Ancient Filipino Script) reminds us to look back on what we may be missing out on. Author Bonifacio Comandante Jr., Phd offers a peek into the Filipino history through writing, and shows us the beauty of the Tagalog language.


Humble Market: The essentials


Perhaps, we should all be environmentally conscious. With Humble market, sustainable living is made easy and accessible. They offer wooden utensils, wooden dish brushes, bamboo toothbrushes, menstrual cups, double-edged safety razors, and natural deodorants, amongst many others.


Hookers n Baits: Chakra Bracelets

Artist Edmundo Antonio spends his time wisely as any true maker does, productively customizing crystal bracelets for whoever seeks tranquility and peaceful energy. Through using the Hookers n Baits Chakra Bracelets, one can be guided in reaching alignment, seeking protection, and be shown a path towards enlightenment. This accessory is perfect for those intentions you’ve been dying to set for a special friend in mind.


Lumago Necklaces


Lumago, since 2016, has been showcasing handmade jewelry made from upcycled materials, all by a tribe of empowered women of Dumaguete City. Their products of necklaces and bracelets are highlighted by the paper beads they craft on their own. Reaching far and beyond the corners of America and the United Kingdom, they’ve surely made waves, creating great community impact just from the base of their home.


Elyu Snaps Postcards


Who doesn’t love receiving postcards? There is not a more thoughtful way of reaching friends or family while you’re traveling to a far off place. Shot and produced by La Union-based photographer, Van Agamata, Elyu Snaps postcards are the printed memories you'll long to keep. An Instagram post of surf town’s sunset comes nothing close to this. What makes this all better is that after you’ve signed it off, the staff of Open House La Union can also send them for you to your chosen person.


Mundo Soaps: Natural Beeswax Candle


Sitting in a reused coconut shell is a handcrafted, all-natural, toxic-free candle made of beeswax. The benefits of using beeswax candles include neutralizing polluted air and creating a space rid of dust, mold, and odors. Just like a Himalayan salt lamp, it cleanses the atmosphere, making it easier to relax and breathe fully. Sometimes, all we need is to slow down in the comfort of our homes. Mundo Soaps’s Natural Beeswax Candle is made suitable to accompany you during the quiet nights spent in your bedroom, where you can unwind and be soothed by its mellow light.


Sasa Moonshine

Isn’t it amazing how some gifts manage to make its way to you? Hailing from Barangay Antikin, Infanta, Quezon Province, is the Sasa Moonshine. This locally-made alcoholic beverage, infused with raisins, fills your mouth with its unique, fruity, and tasty flavor. It’s perfect for a nightcap with your favorite book, or toasting with your friends. Either way, it can be enjoyed chilled or warm. Every bottle is special, and every sip is worth it. Give one to a friend who is in an equally festive mood! There’s always something to celebrate.

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