Payak Way of Travelling

Kulayan natin 'yung #travelgoals niyo mga bes! But instead of just focusing on your #auragoals and your #ootds, why not be mindful of how you're affecting Mother Earth too? These are some #PayakChoices we recommend while you're #OTW to pursuing your passion to travel.

1. Pack light

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Choose your bag wisely!

Are you travelling for work or for leisure? Will you be staying in just one place or will you be moving around? Tatawid ka ba ng dagat or puro land travel lang? Chill lang ba ang itinerary niyo or tila Amazing Race sa dami ng ganap?

Advantages of using just one small backpack? No need to wait for the carousel sa airport, pwede dalhin kahit saan kahit nasa beach, hindi wa-poise buksan kahit nasa public place.

Pero if aurahan at sosyalan ang labanan, then choose a luggage na tamang-tama ang size for you. Just make sure na EVERYTHING in your bag will be USED.

Also remember: the longer you carry an item, the heavier it gets. Parang #feelings lang.

2. Multi-purpose Essential: Sarong/Malong

A-aura sa may nyebe? May pupuntahang templo? Kailangan magmaganda sa cliff/summit? Gusto mag sun-bathing? Walang towel? Or simply, giniginaw sa plane? #SarongAngSagot

3. Bring Your Own Utensils and Bottles

The easiest way to lessen your plastic consumption? Always bring reusables!

By bringing your own tumbler, you can save tons of money by just getting free refills from hotels and airports. Pwede din lagyan ng buko juice from the summit!

For your reusable spoon and fork, opt for wooden utensils as they are lightweight at sure na hindi macoconfiscate sa airport!

4. Say no to #TingiEconomy

Kung may shampoo ka na naman at sabon sa bahay, bakit kailangan pang bumili ng bago everytime may gala? Baguhin na ang kinasanayan na pag-iwan ng excess toiletries behind because “hassle pa iuwi”.

Why not just get from what you already have at home and ilagay sa small aluminum pumps and soap containers like these? #RefuseSingleUse

These items are both refillable and reusable kahit every month pa yang kunwaring “#SickLeave” mo.

5. Pick Up Trash Along The Way

Why not everytime you visit a mountain or a beach, or practically anywhere, take a minute or two to pick up trash and dispose them in the proper bins? Pwede din iuwi at ilagay sa ecobricks mo.

And if you’re feeling bold, post your own #TrashAudit, tag ‘em big corporations, and ask them: hey, are these yours?


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