La Union: In my Eyes

Isa is one of the creative minds and co-founders of Sigla. Last January, we invited her and Sigla to participate in our weekend Community Pop-up in San Juan, La Union, themed #MakeAStand. By hosting this event, we wanted local entrepreneurs to share their own stories about their brand in their eyes.

“Elyu” --- you probably know this term by heart now. It took me a few trips before deeply understanding why I keep going back to this place.

Great Northwest Philippine Travel Stop and Viewing Deck, San Juan, La Union

Photo by PJ Valenciano

La Union feels like a sweet vacation--- an escape with a touch of "home". Mornings here are slow. Everyone appears to be friends with everybody. The waves are beautiful any time of the day. Every sunset session is without a doubt -magical.

You can never go wrong with the food, drinks, and coffee that you’ll find around Surf Town. It gets better every time. Surely, this beach lifestyle holds an undeniable fascination that captivates visitors to get away from the bustle of the Metro.

Flotsam and Jetsam , San Juan, La Union

Photo by PJ Valenciano

A lot has changed since the first time I experienced La Union. I recall the streets being darker at night. There were fewer people going out dancing after midnight. Long walks by the beach were barely crowded and much calmer.

I’ve seen this place during low seasons and its crazy peak seasons. There’s a clear difference between these times, but then you get to accept and love all sorts of changes happening rapidly around the community with deeper profoundness.

At first, the selfish “me” wanted to keep mum about its beauty and serenity. I wanted to keep at bay the feeling of La Union's soul slipping away. But maybe these changes are needed in order to make way for more beauty to unfold and to be appreciated. Regardless, this place will always hold special significance for me.

Makai Bowls, San Juan La Union

Photo by: Nico Castillo

The smiles from people here are utterly genuine. Small talks are never practiced. Instead, you can easily find yourself drawn to new-found friends as though you've known one other for the longest time. Genuine conversations centered around aspirations and realities in life come easy.

There's no need to worry about things lacking in life; just simple appreciation for the things that are present. Be it the number of sweet spots to choose from; or finding the perfect place for leisurely lounging around with your favorite book and a coffee in hand. The evenings are filled with drinking and dancing with friends till dawn or simply getting cozy indoors.

Either way, I know it'll be one heck of a great time.

La Union is that kind of place, “A place where you feel most alive.”

El Union , San Juan La Union

Photo by: Nico Castillo

There's a lot to look forward to in this growing community. People are beginning to view La Union from different perspectives - even the faulty side, which I hope brings in more consciousness to everyone. I’ve always envisioned this place to be a spot for mindful people who care about the surroundings, keeping “Elyu” as captivating as it is.

“Elyu” in my eyes is a place for creative inspirations, meaningful soul trips, and a place for meeting new friends that’ll be kept forever. I love coming back to La Union because it changes in the same manner that I change for the better me. As for the other goers, expect this place to constantly have this warmth in the air and bliss from the hearts of the people.

- Isa Pulvinar, Sigla

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About Sigla

Isa and Rox, were introduced to each other in early 2017. They started talking about their stories, hobbies, likes, and aspirations. Which then lead one thing to another, their personalities and styles matched, and knew they wanted to make something themselves but were not sure what it was. By June 2017, the first batch of items was released.

Fast forward to today, Sigla has already flourished and partnered with GK Enchanted Farm Bulacan where they met a seamstress that needs extra money to help with their financial needs. Until now, Isa and Rox continue to make crafts and clothing themselves and still pitch out ideas to each other in order to grow the brand.

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