14 Gifts for Valentine’s Day at Open House

From thoroughly curating sustainable domestic products to attentively supporting local crafts, it’s apparent that Open House works from a place of love. Whether it’s the stories behind the brands or the memories from travel, Open House puts items on its shelves with love. It’s only fitting that as Valentine’s Day approaches, we make this list of gifts to give to the people you love, including yourself.

3 Gifts for Couples

Are you attending a wedding? Or, is there a couple that you love? These gifts are great gifts for two to share.

· Tablea from Quezon Province – Warm any ordinary night with a cup of this locally sourced cacao tablea. Pour some hot water to enjoy it in its pure form, or sweeten it with milk and sugar.

· His & Her Ombre and Tie-Dye Shirts – Made by Open House’s regular front of house, Marielle Sobrepena, artful splashes of color make their way to these unisex t-shirts.

· Inabel Pillowcases – This signature Ilocos textile is distinct for its patterned cotton made in hard wood looms. Not only is it breezy, but the Inabel also keeps generations of tradition alive in the region.

3 Gifts for Him

Maybe it’s your dad, your brother, your boyfriend or husband, or even son – shop these cool items for a special guy.

· Wavenomad T-Shirt – Gift the funky designs of local surfer and artist, Arienne Antonio, to that kook/ goofy foot/ sea logger in your life.

· Kudosurf Shorts – From the surfscapes in Siargao to this surftown in La Union, these shorts are made for the beach with comfort and style.

· Grapestown Bugnay Wine – Taking the local fruit to another level, Grapestown bottles these local berries as a refreshing and sweet boozy drink.

3 Gifts for Her

Pick up one – or all – of these pieces to present your lady with a gift for her tastes and senses.

· Palamuti Sea Glass Jewelry – These fragments of glass are picked up from the sandy shores, then beautifully wired into jewelry that tell a story of trash turned to treasure by the sea.

· Mundo Sea Candles – Local beeswax candles are poured and molded into seashells to create this charming pair on driftwood.

· Brown Belly Olive Body Oil – a moisturizing and hydrating blend, this is a great body oil to slather on after spending all day out under the sun.

3 Gifts for Yourself

Treat yourself to these items of self-love, because you deserve good and beautiful things.

· Gunita “Sinta” Crystal Pouch – With the rose quartz, garnet, and citrine tumble stones, attract unconditional love, a greater sense of self-worth, and joy to your life. The pouch comes with a selenite tumble to cleanse your other crystals, too.

· Rice & Sage Tea – This in-house tea is not only a calming blend with delicious hints of toastiness, but it also detoxifies its drinker from the inside out with local sage.

· Snake Plant – Known to purify the air and be a low-maintenance house plant, pick up a snake plant for your space to keep you connected with nature.

2 Gifts That Love the Earth

Sure, Valentine’s Day can be a consumerist invention, but these gifts can let you partake without being irresponsible – especially to Mother Earth.

· Payak Silicon Collapsible Tumblers – Suitable for both hot and cold liquids, these cute collapsible tumblers are great for travellers and people on the go that want to support the fight against single-use plastic.

· Humble Market Bamboo Toothbrush – Joining the movement to lessening the plastic waste in the world begins with you and the day-to-day habits that you have.


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