Heart Series

Tela Story Inc. x Papa Bear

Last year, we were able to work with Papa Bear to outsource their tees from our partner social enterprise brand, A Beautiful Refuge by Tela Story Inc. A Beautiful Refuge is the livelihood project by Tela Story Inc., for women and children who are survivors of violence.

They partner with a Filipino non-profit, Safe Refuge International. This non-profit provides safe housing, medical care , education, counselling & other resources for women and their families affected by human trafficking. Through their enterprise, they are able to offer employment opportunities to these women through the production of ethical , eco- friendly and fair trade products. 

We continue to sell these fair trade tees by Papa Bear wherein a percentage of the sales are also donated to a local non-government organization based in La Union. 

From the production, final output and sales of these tees, we are able to give back to the community through the support of different entities.

Capco x El Union Coffee Soap

Our commitment in bringing original ideas in line with our philosophy of sustainability, community and collaboration has led Capco to work with El Union Coffee. The idea behind this project is to maximise the use of “used” coffee grounds.

Through this initiative, these used grounds are now given a new life and purpose! For every purchase of our coffee all natural soaps, a portion of the sales will go back to the community. We do this by sharing the

proceeds to CURMA, a local non-profit, non-government coastal management entity based in La Union.

Open House Supports Daisy Valdez

Daisy Valdez is a surf athlete from San Juan, La Union, an empowered woman and a proud mother to two beautiful children. In 2018, she championed ReNextTop’s Asian Surf Tour (RAST) Women’s Longboard Open.

She ranks among the top Filipina surfers in the Philippines, dominating both longboard and shortboard divisions in local and international surf competitions.

La Union has recently been officially declared as the “Surfing Capital of the North” by the Philippine government. With this, La Union has attracted a new wave of travelers and tourists, both surfers and non-surfers alike. As a La Union native, Daisy has an opportunity to influence this growing market in terms of being a competitive surfer representing the whole of Luzon.

In other countries, surfing has been, for decades, viewed as a sport rather than a hobby. Many of these surf athletes from these countries have the opportunity for corporate sponsorships or government support for surf tour competitions. Here in our country, where surfing is relatively new, these are few of the things that can be beneficial for surfing competitors to have a full-time career.

In 2018 while we are in the process of building our vision for our community showroom, we organized simple community pop-ups at Great Northwest Phil. Travel Stop and Viewing Deck. As part of our advocacy, we sponsored a booth for Daisy during Independence Day. Daisy’s strategy for a sustainable source of funding is to sell merchandise by Kudo Surf, wherein a percentage of the sales is donated to her team.

On top of this, Daisy is the first Team Rider signed in by Kudo Surf based from the North. Today, Daisy continues her journey as a surf athlete. In fact, she has been chosen by the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PCST) to be one of the surf athletes to represent the country at the 2019 Olympics.

Open House Supports Social Enterprises from Around the Philippines

Part of our vision is to carry products that are made with purpose. We are open to carrying brands that are dedicated to people and the environment. Hence, since 2018, we've been helping Lumago Designs to find a market for their eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry among the visiting tourists of San Juan, La Union. 

Lumago Designs is based in Dumaguete City. This social enterprise was originally founded by an American Social Worker, Whitney Fleming, in 2011 when a huge typhoon devastated parts of the impoverished community at Dumaguete City’s dumpsite. Today, Lumago Designs is being managed by Becky and the ladies have expanded  from  paperbeads to many other upcycled materials including polished pull-tabs from cans, patterned fabric from discarded clothes, soft leather from old purses, recycled bamboo, and torn out magazine pages. 

By being one of their sales arm, we continue the cycle of giving even outside of San Juan, La Union. 

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