Once strangers, we connected with each other to find travel stories through places, people and pieces that hold a key to our hearts and which we hope to share with you in return.

Our Story

Traveling is one of our many passions, but a travel experience isn’t solely based on the number of places where we’ve been to. Each of us has our very own reasons for traveling. At least for us, it’s about making meaningful connections.


An integral part of traveling is to connect and discover—- not just with the landscape, but more importantly, the people.


To travel is an opportunity to grow the human spirit, sometimes the experience is so glorious, we desire to hang on to the memories for as long as possible.


Nowadays one can easily do so with a camera or phone. For us, a more tangible way is collecting trinkets and pieces-that we’ve come across with that helps us define our experiences. Hence, we’ve decided to create a curated space in La Union, where we, the partners of Open House, crossed paths. Once strangers, we connected with each other to find travel stories through places, people and pieces that hold a key to our hearts and which we hope to share with you in return.

Our adventure started with the longing to find our flow through ocean waves, salty skins, and infinite sunsets. This led to a curated space that define our lifestyle as surfers, free spirits and adventurers.

Our Values


Human interaction is tricky. It's a confluence of personal stories- microscopic yet, in reality, a reflection of a whole. Those stories when woven together make up this so-called community, we so love and proud of.


We know that there is an immerse opportunity for real growth. We believe in helping people, but most importantly, we believe in people's capacity to uplift themselves by providing them the tools and assistance -- even on a small-scale level.


Each and every one of us has that innate desire to give a lending hand. Humans are innately good and that we find real happiness in the act of giving. But we must do so by providing a launching point without disempowering people. 


We built partnerships based on trust and goodwill. We look for partners who believe that working together can open opportunities for others and ourselves. We believe in the dreams of others as much as we believe in our own.


Nothing is ever easy. A lot of factors come into play as we go on with our so-called lives. As we try to find meaning, problems will never stop, it will arise in different forms -- but solutions are available. It's the inner fire that will guide and a tribe that speaks your language. 


Adventure can vary across a broad range of people. Some may choose to explore a great wilderness, while others opt to get acquainted with cities, modern and ancient.  However one defines this act of discovery and adventure: journeys are a quintessential part of learning about our authentic selves in a deep and meaningful way.




Great Northwest Philippine Travel Stop & Viewing Deck is fast becoming a hub for travelers in San Juan, La Union. It is a coastal commune focused on curated options and start-ups that are environmentally conscious, community-centric and design forward. It is home to the following brands:


El Union Coffee

Great Gamble Seafood Shack




Papa Bear Smokehouse

55 Tinta Tattoo


Curious Creatures Craft Beer

Layag Grille and Kilawen Bar

Coco Mama


Makai Bowls

Tigre y Oliva


Sabong La Union Fried Chicken

Chu's Diner

Artek! Wine Yacht


Cutback Barbers

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