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Traveling is one of our many passions. It allows us to gain new perspectives -- on people who live differently from us, habitats with different issues from what we're used to, and entirely new cultures and ways of thinking.


Open House was created by a group of women as a means to help people understand the connections between our lifestyles and the products we use everyday with the people, resources, and communities involved. We want to encourage thoughtful choices and meaningful connections. Open House is all about community, sustainability and lifestyle.

Community & Sustainability

We are passionate about offering products that are sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly, and more importantly, support communities around the Philippines.


Our community showroom is located on the 2nd floor of El Union Coffee in San Juan, La Union. 


It is a collective space for brands that, when put together, reflect a lifestyle inspired by travel, exploration, and experience. This is the ambiance and energy we would like every traveler to feel as they step into our space. 


Are you a brand committed to giving consumers quality products that are in line with our vision? We'd love to hear from you.


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